2010-2016 Genesis Coupe Matte Black Wing Emblem Kit (A005) ᵁ

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A005 | KITG040
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2010-2016 Genesis Coupe Wing Emblem Kit - Matte Black

The 2010-2016 Genesis Coupe Wing Emblems were originally popular in Korea. Now available in the US, the Genesis Coupe Wing Emblem Kit includes a front grille badge, trunk badge, and steering wheel emblem. While there are many videos on YouTube of the installation process, here are some tips that we've found useful for each emblem:
    • Front Grille Badge: This will require some unscrewing under the hood of your car. The Hyundai logo is screwed in and you must remove these screws to take the original logo off.
    • Trunk Badge: You must also unscrew the Hyundai logo from your trunk. The trunk emblem requires you to remove the tape to apply the adhesive back to your car.
    • Steering Wheel Emblem: You will not need to remove the "H" logo emblem. The steering wheel emblem is to be applied over the emblem. Heat the emblem with a hair dryer for a minute or two for the tape to have prime adhesive capabilities. After applying the new emblem over the current logo, heat it again for another minute or two.
  • The Hyundai Genesis Coupe Wing Emblem Kit - Matte Black (A005) will fit the 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 model years.
  • Manufacturer Part Number: KITG040

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