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Portable 32 AMP EV Charger

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Portable 32 AMP EV Charger 

The Lectron Portable 32 AMP EV Charger is designed to make charging your EV quick and effortless. It is equipped with a 21ft cable that will fit most driveways and garages! The Lectron Portable EV Charger utilizes the J1772 charging protocol. This charging cable is compatible with all electric cars and plug-in hybrid models. The NEMA 14-50 plug has an input power of 240V and can attach it to a 240V outlet for Level 2 charging! 

 Product Status: Available

 Fitment: All Electric or Plug-In Hybrid vehicles with the J1772 plug. 

 SKU: ZAV-006

 Product Notes: If you are using the standard socket, the Maximum output would be 110V only.

 Important Note: This product can't be returned or refunded.

 Installation Instructions: Included

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