2021-2022 Genesis GV80 Towing Kit (G006)

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G006 | T6F61-AU000 + T6F67-AC100
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2021-2022 Genesis GV80 Towing Kit

The 2021-2022 Genesis GV80 Towing Kit is the perfect bundle made for your GV80, for all your towing needs. This kit includes the tow hitch and the tow hitch harness. Order yours GV80 Towing Kit today! We recommend this kit to be installed by your local genesis dealer.

  • The Genesis GV80 Towing Kit will fit the 2021 and 2022 Model Year.
  • Manufacturer Part Numbers: T6F61-AU000 + T6F67-AC100

pdf.png Installation Instructions (Tow Hitch)