2022-2025 Genesis GV70 Hood Protector Film ᵁ

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CH021 | ARF24-AU000
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2022-2025 Genesis GV70 Hood Protector Film

The Genuine OEM 2022-2025 Genesis GV70 Hood Protector Film provides an invisible layer of protection that deflects kicked up gravel from chipping paint. After cleaning your car and drying with no leftover dust or residue, installation is quick. Order the 2022-2025 Genesis GV70 Hood Applique today to keep your paint protected. Its transparent finish allows the natural beauty of your vehicle's paint color to shine through, providing seamless protection without altering its appearance. The protective film is custom-designed to fit the contours of your GV70's front hood, ensuring a precise and secure fit. This ensures optimal coverage and protection, safeguarding the vulnerable areas of the hood from damage caused by flying rocks, gravel, and other road debris.

 Product Status: Unavailable

 Fitment: GV70 - 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025

 Manufacturer Part Number: ARF24-AU000

 Product Notes: Installation Instructions are Included