Ways To Pay

Ways To Pay

Posted by Travis on Sep 21st 2021

Ways To Pay

     Here at Genesis Parts and Accessories we are looking to expand our payment options to make it more convenient for all of our awesome customers. Starting today, we have implemented Paypal and Venmo as possibly ways to checkout. A couple months ago we started accepting Google Pay, and we've always offered Credit or Debit.

     With these new payment options, you will be able to more conveniently go through checkout without having to hunt down your wallet or purse for that pesky credit card. Paypal, Venmo and Google Pay all securely holds your card information and applies the one of your choice when you go to make a purchase. 

     Google Pay is available when you add an item to your cart, on the cart page and on the checkout page. Clicking the Google Pay option will prompt you to select one of your cards if you are signed into a google account and if you have a card on file. Google Pay checkout is the same on desktop, tablet and on mobile. If you are not signed in, it will let you login so you can proceed with Google Pay. If you don't have a card on file it will also allow you to add one. 

     Paypal and Venmo are our two newest options for checkout. These options are ONLY available when you add an item to your cart or if you're on the cart page. These options AREN'T currently shown on the checkout page (our team is working to fix this). If you choose Paypal as a checkout method you will be prompted to login to your Paypal Account where you will then be able to choose a bank or card on file. Paypal is the same on desktop, tablet and mobile. If you don't have a Paypal account we highly suggest choosing a different payment option as the process to get everything added may take awhile. If you choose Venmo you will be prompted with a QR code if you are on desktop. If you have the Venmo app on your smart device (mobile / tablet) you can use the QR code scanner to proceed with checkout where you will choose a card and input your address - doing so will send you back to your desktop to finish checkout. If you are on mobile or tablet, it will instead open up the app to confirm card and address then send you back to the browse on your device. When you go to checkout with Venmo, it will say 'Pay with Paypal' as Paypal is owned by Venmo.

    PLEASE NOTE: No matter what option you choose (Google Pay / Paypal / Venmo) you will be sent back to the checkout page. You will need to enter your vehicle's year and model and proceed through checkout to place your order. All billing information will be saved when choosing one of these options to make the checkout experience quicker.

     The entire Genesis Parts and Accessories team thanks you for your patience as we implemented these new payment options into our site. We will continue to look into other payment options as we see fit and we greatly await some feedback from these new payment methods.

Thanks again,

-The Genesis Parts and Accessories Team