Genesis Cargo Blocks

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CD016 | CUF18-AU600
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Genesis Cargo Blocks

The Genesis Cargo Blocks are guaranteed to secure whatever luggage you may have in the back. Constructed from high-quality materials, Genesis Cargo Blocks offer a sturdy and robust solution for keeping items in place during transit. Their durable construction ensures they can withstand the rigors of daily use and maintain their shape over time. These cargo blocks feature a modular design, allowing you to customize their configuration to suit your specific needs. Whether you're transporting groceries, luggage, sports equipment, or other items, Genesis Cargo Blocks can be arranged to create partitions or compartments, keeping your cargo organized and preventing it from shifting or sliding around during driving. These are a must buy for constant trunk users! 

 Product Status: Available

 Fitment: This is a Universal Product.

 Manufacturer Part Number: CUF18-AU600 or J9F18-AU600
 Installation Instructions: Click Here