WeatherTech Interior Detailer Spray

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ZAZ-005 | 8LTC49K
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WeatherTech Interior Detailer Spray

Introducing the WeatherTech Interior Detailer Spray—an essential tool for effortlessly cleaning and revitalizing the interior surfaces of your vehicle. Formulated with a gentle yet effective formula, this versatile spray is specially designed to safely and effectively clean all plastic, vinyl, painted metal, chrome, and fabric surfaces. From dashboard to door panels, seats to center console, the WeatherTech Interior Detailer Spray provides a thorough clean without compromising the integrity of your vehicle's interior materials. Its mild formula ensures that delicate surfaces are treated with care, leaving behind a streak-free finish and a fresh, clean scent. Whether you're tackling everyday dirt and grime or preparing your vehicle for a special occasion, the WeatherTech Interior Detailer Spray is your go-to solution for achieving a showroom-worthy interior. Elevate your detailing routine and restore the beauty of your vehicle's interior with ease using this advanced spray from WeatherTech.

 Product Status: Available

 Fitment: This is a Universal Product.

 Manufacturer Part Number(s): 8LTC49K

 Chemical List/SDS: Coming Soon