WeatherTech Wash Mitt

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ZAZ-021 | 8BMITT1
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WeatherTech Wash Mitt

Introducing the WeatherTech Wash Mitt, your ultimate companion for an enhanced car washing experience. Crafted with heavy-duty, long-wearing Lorene synthetic fibers, this wash mitt effortlessly lifts and traps dirt and debris, making the cleaning process a breeze. With its double-sided design, the WeatherTech Wash Mitt ensures maximum soap and water retention, allowing for thorough cleaning without constant reapplication. Plus, its resistance to heat, gasoline, and detergents ensures durability and longevity, even in the toughest cleaning conditions. Equipped with a wrist cuff, the wash mitt securely stays in place on your hand, providing a comfortable and stable grip as you tackle every curve and contour of your vehicle. Rest assured, the special design of the WeatherTech Wash Mitt is safe for all paint finishes, delivering outstanding results while protecting your vehicle's exterior. Elevate your car washing routine with the WeatherTech Wash Mitt, where superior quality and innovative design combine to make every wash a satisfying and effective experience.

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 Fitment: This is a Universal Product.

 Manufacturer Part Number(s): 8BMITT1